We strongly recommend you become members as this is a good way to support the hobby.  There are many advantages to joining, this will give you access to the excellent Canadian Journal which is published on a monthly basis.  It is one of the best sources of information to increase your knowledge base in numismatics.

This is our local coin club which holds monthly meetings every 4th Monday of the month.  Everyone is welcome to attend, we do incredible show & tells where members bring some neat items from their collections.  We do small auctions and we have guest speakers that will do presentations on numismatic topics.  Checkout the website, the meeting schedule and news letters are available.

This is a very active and dynamic coin club which hosts events every month. The club members produce an excellent French monthly bulletin which features articles on Canadian &  World numismatics. Checkout the website, the meeting schedule and bulletins are available.

ICG Bullion

A good reference to establish buy/sell rates for bullion coins..

PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service)

Offers a worldwide known coin & banknote certification service.  Check out the online Registry Sets, you will see the best of the best in quality coins.

Is a new Canadian Digital Bilingual Numismatic Magazine. This magazine will be published 6 times a year by Trajan Publishing.  The editor is always looking for new articles to publish.  Feel free to contact them and subscribe.

Lighthouse Canada

We are a distributor of Lighthouse products.  All these great collector products can be ordered at out store.  Lighthouse offers the most highest quality products to organise, display and preserve your valuable collectables.

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